Temp Recruitment


Temp or Labour-Hire staffing is a fantastic people strategy for sourcing employees on a as needed basis.

FINDMEA provide on-hire staff nationally to hundreds of companies assisting our clients to maintain optimum staffing levels.
Consider using Temporary staff;
• For work that has a specific beginning and end date.
• To ramp up quickly to cover busy seasonal periods.
• For special projects.
• To cover absenteeism such as;

  • Sick leave
  • Annual leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Injured Workers

• To try staff out before making an offer of full-time employment.
• When you are unsure what coverage you need.
• When you need a specific skill, we have them available on-demand
• To mitigate rising costs in a tough economy

Why choose FINDMEA for Temporary Staff and Labour Hire Services?

Innovated Service Provider, Customisation and Flexibility
• Temporary, Permanent, Fixed Term, RecruitSelect, Multi-Channel Sourcing
• Proven ability to work with internal recruitment teams/resources
True Partnership Service Model
• Continual improvement and cost efficiency focus
• Managed service offering
• 24/7 Support
Robust Account Management Model
• Dedicated team of servicing staff
• Service delivery consistency and certainty regardless of location
Demonstrated Supply Capability and Database Suitability
• 4 Specialist operating divisions integrated into one service offering
• Active database management – building and cleansing
Industry Leading Online Technology and Reporting Capabilities
• Cloud based technology
• Online time & attendance
• Real time reporting
• Online on-boarding and benefits programs for our staff

Learn more about our services for your industry.

  • Professional
    Meet our Professional Team, committed to building your highly skilled workforce, Perfect.
  • Industrial
    Meet our Industrial Team, committed to supporting you, 24 hours a day, 7days a week, Perfect.
  • Pharmacy
    Meet our PharmacyTeam, committed to growing your sales and brand, Perfect.
  • Government
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  • Administration
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  • Retail Trade Store
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  • Trades & Engineering
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  • Contact Centre
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