Digital Interviews: Techniques and Tips

In addition to social distancing requirements more companies are using digital interviews as part of the recruitment process as it is also cost and time effective.  In our changing world this technique is becoming increasingly common.

Sometimes it is difficult to be yourself in a face to face interview let alone adding technology and a camera.

Below are a few tips and techniques for mastering the digital interview:

  • Prepare and practice as you would for a normal interview. Research common interview questions and formulate answers. Research the company and/or the industry that that the role related to.
  • Remember your interviewing on neutral ground – focus on this to ease your nerves.
  • Ensure your digital device, phone, tablet, or computer is fully powered and set up for the interview. Ensure your internet connection is connected and working well.  Test the interview platform if you are not familiar with it.
  • Think about audio and visual levels where the interview will be conducted. Consider camera placement.  The camera should be an arm’s length away, make sure this is at eye level.   If using a phone or tablet it is better fix this by propping the device so that it is stable.  Lighting and background are also important.  Ensure the background is clean and not cluttered and there is natural light.   Check the sound and camera settings on the device.
  • Dress appropriately – Plan your outfit before the interview dress as if it were a face to face interview.
  • Be mindful of your body language, hand, and head movements. Try to be as natural and as open as possible.  Remember that the camera becomes eye contact.
  • Print all relevant documents prior to the interview. These may be documents such as your resume, the job description of the role your interviewing for and notes.  Whilst these documents may be stored on your device for easy reference, referring to them or accessing them during the interview will act as a distraction.    Refer to printed documents and feel free to jot down notes and questions the old fashion way, with a pen and paper.