Meet FINDMEA’s Founder, Sheryn Leach

With over 20 years experience in the Recruitment Industry, what is going to be FINDMEA’s point of difference?.

We asked Sheryn, “what FINDMEA had to represent in a deep sea of competition”

There a number of things that I felt would be important to give FINDMEA its competitive edge, the first is our capacity to operate all over Australia including regional areas, many agencies focus on the cities where they operate an office and putting the clients regional locations into the “too hard basket”, not us, location doesn’t phase us and this gives us the capacity to really understand a clients business and it’s challenges and offer complete support Metro & Regional.

Secondly, we have a very powerful and robust CRM system that, with a simple touch of the button can reach hundreds, or even thousands of candidates Australia wide, ensuring we can maintain regular contact with our external workforce.

Lastly, it is important for me to be actively involved with all our Clients and share the knowledge and expertise developed over the last 25 years. I really enjoy the time I spend with Clients and looking for ways to add value.