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How To Format Your Resume

A good resume can capture the attention of a recruiter.  While resume content matters the most the simplest formatting techniques will assist in creating a professional and readable resume that can help your resume stand out from other applicants at just a glance. Refer to the tips below when formatting your resume: Set margins and […]

Digital Interviews: Techniques and Tips

In addition to social distancing requirements more companies are using digital interviews as part of the recruitment process as it is also cost and time effective.  In our changing world this technique is becoming increasingly common. Sometimes it is difficult to be yourself in a face to face interview let alone adding technology and a […]

Discover F-TEAM

FINDMEA recognises that our temporary workers are not only a vital part of our business and our client’s business; they are people first and foremost. See what makes us different.

Meet FINDMEA’s Founder, Sheryn Leach

With over 20 years experience in the Recruitment Industry, what is going to be FINDMEA’s point of difference?. We asked Sheryn, “what FINDMEA had to represent in a deep sea of competition” There a number of things that I felt would be important to give FINDMEA its competitive edge, the first is our capacity to […]

Fair Work Announces Latest Award Increase

A very different approach to minimum award increases has been announced this week by the Fair Work Commission, and one of the lowest increases seen in recent times. This year you could be waiting until February 2021 for an increase in your pay packet. In a bold move the Fair Work Commission has created 3 […]